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Blue and Furry


Knitted with two different yarns held together thru out the knit. A very light pullover! approx 200g in total.


Pattern from Laine I -magazine. Pattern: Piece of Silver by Veera Välimäki Ravelry link

New for me

nothing really. Rarely have used 2,75mm needles. Rocked some serious magic loop with this.

something else to say abt this knit

Nothing really. A super fun and EASY knit to do. Absolutely love the finish. I wanted a modern 80-90’s style furry-ball sweater and i got it 😀 yay!

my ravelry project link



Hjertegarn Alpaca 400 (light grey) ≥ 120g

Permin Angel KidSilk Mohair (blue) ≥ 120g

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