my CV

about me

age: 29

home: Tampere, Finland


2007 Linnankosken lukio (Porvoo)

2013 HAAGA-HELIA university of applied sciences


finnish & english

hobbies & etc

I like to knit sweaters, do some volunteer work (mostly graphic design & marketing stuff) with a cat shelter, photograph life, train for a half marathon, row a boat on a misty morning, travel less popular locations and bake some cakes for the random Restaurant day.

Hi there,

am a graphic & web designer from Tampere. I’ve got bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences. My passion lies with smart marketing by compelling content in the right channels the right way. Easy eh? Wrong. Every shoe is different, or should be – to fit.

I enjoy relish in self improvement. It’s not the year 1555, one can’t just halt and believe to be the master of everything. Currently I work at Oy Aurora Data and Systems Ltd where I’ve had the opportunity to better myself daily. Set a challenge, beat it, master it and teach others. I got a dance to go with it too. I started as a graphic designer working on a work management system, it’s graphic look from logo design to UI-design in desktop and mobile. After a few months I started with web design and have been working on them solely since – for about two years now.

work history after BBA studies

2015- Oy Aurora Data and Systems Ltd

– ad design (print&web)
– event marketing
– graphic design (also graphic elements and logo design)
– web design (and build with extensive CSS customizations)
– online shop design (a few, in WP with WooCommerce)
– community portal (with WP BuddyPress)
– custom posts
– UI design
– WordPress know-how tutoring customers (face-to-face, guide layout and video tutorials)
– social media content planning
– photography

Web design projects @DS: Salpaus Further Education, La Nina eCommerce, HelsinkiSmart, Runda Munken eCommerce, AuroraDS, AuroraPD, Etelä-Suomen laatusaneeraus, Oirearviohack, Pirkanmaa, Ralf Sjödahl, Loviisan asuntopalvelu

2015 Moomin museum / Museum of Art Tampere

– ad design (print&web)
– graphic design
– magazine layout
– web design
– social media content

2015 Meguro Oy

– logo design
– graphic design (graphic design guide and elements)
– ad design (print&web)
– social media marketing
– social media platform design
– marketing & communications planning
– event marketing
– photo & video content
– web design (adobe muse, sharepoint and wordpress)
– online shop (design & build – my cashflow)

2013 Maan ystävät / Friends of the Earth Finland

– ad design
– social media marketing planning
– social media platform design (blog)


2016 Minna Kulmala photography

Web design

2015 Pisan Eräratsut

Logo design

2014- Loviisan Kehohuoltamo

Logo design, web design, graphic design, ad designs, inserting content, photography and SEO

2014- Kissojen Katastrofiyhdistys KKY ry

Newsletter layout, roll-up, web design work, photography

2011 Minna Kulmala photography

Logo design

graphic design
  • Graphic guide
  • Web
  • Print
  • Logo design
web design
  • WordPress
  • CSS
  • WCAG
  • HTML
marketing & communications
  • Planning
  • Analyzing
  • Promotion
  • Content
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Muse
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Dreamweaver
Theme customization
Content build
CSS customization
Plugins & Embeds
Custom Posts
Shop (WooCommerce)