a Sunny Blizzard

Knitted this from 100% lace weight merino (yarn link to ravelry). Used 4mm needles and knit it in all over garter stitch. In the pattern it only has a few purl rows to enhance the lace rows -> but why not all rows in garter? This was sort of my first try at shetland style lace – where (at least according to the magic of shetland lace knitting -book – ravelry link) the lace is mostly done in garter stitch.

More abt this knit at the Happy Kanto -blog.

something say abt this knit

Garter stitch in lace – to me – is more fun. If the lace is done every other row – it should be super simple to follow. This one had lace every 6th row or so – so keeping up with the rows was necessary in the beginning.


  • Schoppel-Wolle Laceball c2264 - approx 85g


4 mm


lace, lace shawl, merino

pattern by

Pattern had inspiration from Blizzard by DROPS Design (fi)