Flowers in the Moss land

Knitted in DROPS alpaca mix yarn. A comfy tunic. Used some wooden beads. I know.. “wood? what an imbecile” – but i wanted them wooden.. sweaters in my opinion are not supposed to washed in a heavy wash again and again. So.. the wooden beads are a perfect texture for this knit. And also.. i have given up 100% in using plastic in anyway in knitting. Yarn or additions. Ugh. No thanks. More abt this knit at the Happy Kanto -blog.

something else abt this knit

Raglan in my opinion is the most easiest sweater style to knit. Thou with this i started from the hem – lately i’ve only knitted sweaters top-down hence them fitting better. And with this.. bottom-up sweater the sleeves did turn out about 5cm too long 🙁 darn. But! it’s for me and it’s comfy as DAMN 😀


  • DROPS Alpaca Mix c7223 ≥ 300g




alpaca, drops yarn, knitting with beads

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