my Juniper in sunshine

The construction of this sweater is just genius. I knitted mine inside-out – taking the easier route. Am not a huge fan of purling, i’ll avoid it as far and long as i can. This was officially my first Juniper but as i ran out of yarn with this one – and couldn’t get the right shade from Finland.. i waited and waited. Put it on hold and knitted another one from leftovers.

new to me

Entire construction of the sweater. Pure genius and yes I’ll need to knit this again with .. lace weight? uu! 😀

All in all – this was a very fun knit! Construction of the sleeves kept my eyebrows up for – pretty much all the way -but it fits perfect <3


  • Fyberspates Vivacious 4 ply - 2.5 skeins




fyberspates yarn, merino, top-down

pattern by

Juniper by Veera Välimäki
this is a pattern link to Ravelry