my Nordic Arrows

o brioche. This knit – the beginning was a smoke of confusion. Couldn’t understand heads or tails the beginning. Had not knitted brioche flat before. Super helpful is to stick a marker on the RS side, after that this pretty much flew off, slowly but surely. Superb pattern!

My yarn choices. The Anzula Squishy i got as a gift from all they from USA. A friend used to work at the dye factory. Jealous!

More about my”struggle” with this knit at Happy Kanto -blog 😀 


  • Anzula Squishy cMarina 1 skein
  • Vänö Ull Lammull (Kerä)cBlack&White 2.5 skeing
  • Eijan kudontaputiikki Alpakka&Soija 100g




anzula yarn, merino, vänö ull

pattern by

Nordic Arrows by Susanne Sommer @ Laine Magazine issue 1
this is a pattern link to Ravelry