my Stripes Galore

The construction of this shawl was pure awesomeness! When i first saw a picture of the shawl in facebook i was in deep curiosity – how is that done, like i am with most knits that have diverse constructions. I hollered for interest to test knit the piece and got lucky to get the privilege to do just so 😛

I was on a holiday so this knit took me lil over a week. And o-boy! This was the perfect Netflix-knit! I was able to watch a South-Korean TV-show (with subtitles) and make no errors! The knit just flowed.

More abt this knit at the Happy Kanto -blog.

new to me

construction of the shawl – genius!

in conclusion

This was my very first test knit – what a joy! The pattern is so well written there is no chance for errors! This knit was a Happy Knit!


  • Filcolana Arwetta Classic c251 - 364m
  • Shilasdair Luxury 4 ply cWinter Loch - 348m




arwetta classic, garter stitch, merino, Shilasdair

pattern by

Stripes Galore by Petra Machová Kouřilová
this is a pattern link to Ravelry