my True Friend

Knitted in Isager Highland Wool and Knitlob’s lair Ilmatar. Wool meets silk. A beautiful pattern, easy to follow! Thou i decided to give the front panel some texture with very 4th row as a purl. 

After a few months from bind-off and a lot of usage.. i accidentally put the sweater in a wash and now it’s a dish cloth/doll sweater. Oh well. This was a fun knit and the sweater had that relaxed light feel to it – that i might just knit this one again someday. Maybe add some extra with moss-stitch 

new to me

the construction of body section – as in just about everything but the sleeves 

something else abt this knit

As mentioned – a very easy knit, easy-to-follow pattern and i think my yarn choices were perfect – until it met 40c water in 1200 spin #rofl


  • Isager Strik Highland Wool cSand - 150g
  • Knitlob's Lair Ilmatar cAamusumu - 50g


3 & 3.5mm


isager yarn, louhittaren luola yarn, short rows, stripes colorwork, top-down

pattern by

True Friend by Veera Välimäki @ Interpretations Vol. 2
this is a pattern link to Ravelry