marianne heikkilä

marianne heikkilä

graphic & web designer + knitter

my knitting patterns

Here.. I’ll post knitting patterns i’ve come up with.

Postaan tänne neuleohjeita (huom! englanniksi) joita tulee suunniteltua

my Pumpking Spice pullover

at my short strip to America i indulged myself into the local autumn tastes -> Starbucks style.. Spiced pumpkin latte at every possible stop.

This sweater is for those pumpkin lattes, damn you, you tasty thing. This is also my very first “public” pattern as in straight out of my notes. It’s available only in one size and only in english. 

Pumpkin spice pullover is one of many free knitting pattern’s i’ll publish here inspired by my trip to California.