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So. I had this yarn that was given to me to be knitted into a garment. A top. A tee. A sweater. A cardigan? I mulled around the idea for a long sleeved sweater but then – timing came and i just decided it would go nicely as a top.

I’ve had this book Finstickat / Neuleiden neljä vuodenaikaa by Helga Isager for approx. a year and haven’t knitted from it more than one other top – the Coral. I love the dress on the cover – it looks like an easy knit – lightweight and ease to wear. So i decided to knit it from this lace yarn by manos del uruguay. But i didn’t want to add anything else or knit doubled down. So i decided to go down a few sizes in needles. All over.

More abt this knit at the Happy Kanto -blog.


Pattern by Helga Isager // Snowdrop

New for me

took some math and crossing fingers to get my math right -> the gauge perfect. And o did i 😀 YES!

something else to say abt this knit

Even thou knitting lace with 2.5mm was a nightmare in the dark of the nordic winter – This knit was a Happy Knit!



Manos del Uruguay Lace c2650 = 120g


2.5mm & 3.25mm


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