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Sleeves of Lace


Knitted in beautiful tweed tussah silk. I absolutely love tussah silk – and in tweed? YES please 😀

This was an easy top-down raglan sweater i added some lace to the sleeves. Different kind of lace from the original patterns – which to me just looked too busy for this yarn.

Also the body had a bit less shape then the original pattern.


Pattern had inspiration from Sea Nymps by DROPS design

New for me

nothing really – loved this knit

something else to say abt this knit

a Raglan top-down is the most easiest sweater to knit – my opinion of course. But as i have shun even the idea of knitting Anything from parts (NEVER!!) i have found top-down to be 110% easier and better than bottom up. Better? No longer too short of a hem or too long/short sleeves 🙂



BC Garn Tussh Tweed tt21 ≥ 4 skeins



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a top-down sweater .. i was half-asleep infront of netflix

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