knit, purl & purr

2021 the Challange is set

i told my self i could finish 21 projects this year. what the hell. would be sane if i liked knitting small projects. but i don’t. 

i should fail – for sure

1/21 a kicking bag

This one is a gift. Someone had a babe and i was asked to knit something for it. I made a set: sweater, pants and a kicking bag. Super simple knitting with a lively yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Zaubelball Crazy – Papagei (link to ravelry) + a leftover of the same yarn in a colorway i don’t remember. maybe, probably frische fische.

Pattern by annika (Kicking Bag for Babies (this is a link to Rravelry)), Super fun knit!

2/21 Ley Lines

Pattern by one of my asbolute favourite designers – Joji Locatelli. This Knit was another simple shawl that looks more difficult than it is 🙂 Yarn was from the range of Adlibris DIY — merino & alpaca. I died it a while back. Might dye this piece again – as the colors is just way too wild for my taste.

(link to the pattern page)

3/21 Diesis

I saw this is black&white + 2CC’s. I really wanted to give it a go with just 2 yarns – so i went with a tweedy-pink + black&white 🙂 It’s WILD but not too much. Yarn was Cashmere Rowan (link to ravelry) & Vänö Ull from Kerä (link to ravelry). I absolutely Love Vänö Ull. It’s a pleasure on the needles and on the shoulders 😀

This knit was simple-ish. After a few rounds of the mistake-ribbing and the main pattern – you get the hold of it. But it’s not really for beginners – shoulder shaping guide was not great – pretty confusing and took me a while to understand it at all – i basically went to ravelry and looked at how others had done it – because the pattern itself was too vague for my taste. Am familiar with the shortrows – but with a pattern like this — more is needed.

(link to pattern page)


What a cloud! I bought the yarn from adlibris. The texture is quite enchanting .. so i gave it a go.. with not really knowing what to knit out of it, it was on sale … why not 😀

this “never happens” – i always buy yarn with clear mind and a project lined up – it all just changes right after i step out of the yarn shop

Then i saw Veera Välimäki’s Venlig in Ravelry (link to pattern page) and just had to give it a try. 

Super quick knit.. took abt 3 days in total. For a sweater that’s.. incredible 😀

5/21 The Weekender Light

I’ve knitted a “few” Weekender shirts – pattern by Adrea Mowry (link to pattern page). I love how it sits – so when i saw that she had designed a light version of the sweater – i had to give it a go. Fingering weight is my fave. I used yarn that has alpaca & wool (gjestal alpaca & tynn – link to ravelry) in 5 colors from dark blue to white. I need to make this sweater again – with some yummy tweedish yarn i have in my stash – asap.

line-up of the UFO's

i got: Glacier Tunic, Ujo & Rambla on my needles. Some might just be frogged. or forgotten.

why 21?! idiot